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The MoonYour Emotions and Feelings. MercuryHow You Think and Communicate. NeptuneYour Idealism. PlutoYour Inner Drive. Aspects of the Sun. Aspects of the Moon. Aspects of Mercury. Aspects of Venus. Aspects of Mars. Tsakopoulos founded AKT Development Corporation in Sacramento, CA, which became a leading real estate developer in the area under his leadership and has built tens of thousands of homes and more than 30 million square feet of office space. Tsakopoulos and his family have also been dedicated supporters of civic and community causes. To support the study and celebration of Greek heritage and history, Mr.

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Tsakopoulos served as an instrumental figure in the creation of the S. Vryonis Center for the Study of Hellenism in Sacramento. Speaker, Angelo Tsakopoulos has led a tremendously successful career and has become a leader in both business and community causes in our state. His work and philanthropy have left an indelible mark on Sacramento and our larger California community, and it is therefore fitting and proper that we honor Mr. Angelo is founder of AKT Development Corporation, now headed by his son, Kyriakos, which controls about 40, acres of land in the region and neighboring San Joaquin County.

He has also carved out a niche for himself as a major player in and fundraiser for the Democratic Party, and as a standard bearer for Greek political and cultural interests in America. He and his children have raised and contributed millions to national, state and local campaigns and issues over the past decade.

Tsakopoulos is also dedicated to advancing the careers of Greek-American politicians, including former California state treasurer and once-gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides. His daughter, Eleni Tsakopoulos Kounalakis, was appointed U. Ambassador to Hungary in Tsakopoulos and his family have established Hellenic Studies chairs at several major American universities across the country, Georgetown, Stanford and Columbia among them.

Earlier in , Tsakopoulos was officially honored as a Model Citizen of Sacramento. George N.

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The Greek-born scientist wanted to change the way the world makes electricity. Thermo Electron grew into an international company recognized as a global leader in environmental monitoring and analysis instruments, and a major producer of paper-recycling equipment, biomedical products, alternative-energy systems and other products and services related to environmental quality, health and safety.

He retired in In , Hatsopoulos, his brother John, and other private investors purchased Tecogen, formerly the research and development division of Thermo Electron. As an independent company, it builds power systems that can generate electricity and run heating or cooling units for big buildings. Hatsopoulos has testified at numerous congressional hearings on national energy policy and capital formation, and has served on many national committees on energy conservation, environmental protection and international exchange.

In , Hatsopoulos won the John Fritz Medal, the highest American award in the engineering profession. In , Tecogen acquired American DG. John G. Rangos Sr. He served with great distinction in the Army from , including a stint on a combat signal team in the Far East. Rangos began his career with Rockwell Manufacturing Company in Pittsburgh, where he distinguished himself by becoming the youngest general agent in company history.

He formed several companies in the s, and pioneered technological advances in the transportation and disposal of industrial waste. He founded Chambers Development Inc. He also played an instrumental role in inventing techniques for recycling bituminous byproducts and disposing sewage and sludge. He developed methods for liquid industrial waste disposal, and created a resource recovery system that converts waste-generated methane into usable energy. Together with his sons, Alex and John Jr. They initiated present-day environmental protection standards decades ago, to include the design and strict enforcement of federal laws forbidding corrupt practices in the transporting of illegal waste.

Across the eastern seaboard and into the Midwest, they built the largest, most sophisticated land disposal facilities in the industry — including double-composite-lined HDPE high-density polyethylene facilities to protect ground water — long before other waste management companies emerged. That merger in has proven to be a major continued success. The massive Okeechobee, FL. That site has a year capacity and receives 7, tons of waste daily.

Such monumental, environmentally friendly disposal sites have also been an economic boon to the areas in which they function. Rangos also founded U. Utilities in the mids. SBI guarded everything from banks and shopping centers to industrial and atomic energy plants. Rangos has three children and several grandchildren. He is founder and director of the John G. Family Charitable Foundation, founder and former president of the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation, and founder and chairman emeritus of International Orthodox Christian Charities. He sits on numerous boards.

The Rangos Foundation also supports programs at Duquesne and Carnegie Mellon Universities, and many other programs and organizations e. In early , he received an honorary doctorate from St. Your gifts have been used as a Patron of the Arts and a Promoter of Education including a world—class library and administration building on the campus of St.

In consultation with His All-Holiness, Patriarch Bartholomew you have become a Friend of the Natural Environment putting forth pioneering technological advances for environmental concerns seeking both restoration and renewal in service to the Creation of the Almighty. Peter J. Barris, 65, is a venture capitalist known for helping to launch companies including Groupon, CareerBuilder and Diapers.

He has been managing general partner of leading venture capital investor New Enterprise Associates, Inc. NEA since , having joined the company in At NEA, he has led investments in over 25 companies that have gone public or had successful acquisitions. NEA, founded 35 years ago, has seen portfolio companies going public and acquisitions. Barris grew up in Chicago, IL. His father, James, was an engineer, and his grandparents were from Greece. He started his career in various management positions at General Electric Company.

He previously served on the executive committee of the board of the National Venture Capital Association and was also a founding member of Venture Philanthropy Partners, a philanthropic organization in the Washington, D. They have two daughters. In , Barris gave advice on starting a new business, in a Forbes interview: he recommended that instead of trying to ramp up extremely quickly, entrepreneurs only bring in enough money to get to certain milestones.

Yancopoulos earned MD and PhD degrees from Columbia University, and was the eleventhmost cited scientist in the world in the s. He selected in as a member of the National Academy of Sciences. Encouraged by his father, a first-generation Greek immigrant who complained how little the university life paid, Yancopoulos in jumped ship to a small Tarrytown, NY Biotech firm called Regeneron and helped its worth rocket 2, percent in the past five years.

His career, featured in Forbes, showed how his scientific ability and humility combined to help him develop drugs for patients with illnesses from asthma to cancer and made the company a force to be reckoned with in its field. The company is now the eighth largest convenience store supplier in the nation. Georges started out in the family business at a young age, sweeping warehouse floors at age 11 and making deliveries by age In April , Georges Enterprises acquired The Advocate, a Baton Rouge daily newspaper with a New Orleans edition and websites covering nearby towns Ascension and Acadiana, which is the largest newspaper in Louisiana.

Georges Enterprises was previously very involved with marine services. Georges is very involved with both Louisiana public life and the community of the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Trinity. A notable campaign financier, Georges unsuccessfully ran for governor of Louisiana as an independent in He has also chaired and been vice president of the Western Region of the Young Presidents Organization. He is also on the board of The Hellenic Initiative, and he and his wife, Dathel, are involved in numerous other philanthropic endeavors.

Georges was instrumental in rebuilding the Greek community in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina in The Greek-born Galakatos has over two decades of healthcare sector industry and investment experience. Prior to his stint at Millennium, he was an associate at Venrock Associates focusing on early stage biotechnology investments. Galakatos was born in Athens and raised in Thessaloniki. He is director of ophthalmology company Ophthotech, cardiovascular therapy company Portola, and diagnostics company Nanostring, all of which had successful IPOs in He and his wife, Alice, have two sons.

Geographically, Nicholas G. Financially, though he has transcended galaxies: from shining shoes to donating tens of millions of dollars at a time. His parents, Konstantina Hrisomalis and Georgios Karabotsios, hailed from the Peloponnesian villages of Anavriti and Malendreni, respectively. The family name was shortened when his father arrived on Ellis Island. After graduating high school in , he entered the printing industry, learning the ropes at an RCA affiliate on Wall Street before becoming a manager of printing operations elsewhere.

Eventually he achieved sales and then management positions, offered by a Hellenophile from Austria, who was the owner of Polychrome, a manufacturer of supplies related to the printing industry. In , he launched, with a partner, Phota Inc. In he acquired a printing company in Scranton, Penn. That company, today known as Kappa Graphics, LP. Today he is Chairman of the Board and CEO of The Spartan Organization, a company he founded that provides management and legal services to the various Karabots affiliates.

He holds similar positions in his other privately held companies whose interests include printing, publishing, product fulfillment, land development, a country club and a vineyard and winery. From to , he was a director of AMREP Corporation, whose interests rest in the real estate and media-related industries such as product and subscription fulfillment combined with newsstand distribution services. Karabots resigned in from his position as vice chairman of the board of AMREP in order to devote more time to his pending acquisitions in the private sector, but retains his significant shareholder interests in AMREP.

Its affiliated printing-related companies in Pennsylvania and Indiana offer commercial and digital printing, and a variety of product distribution services. That led to a relationship with puzzle book publisher Official Publications, which Karabots acquired. His real estate interests began with a purchase of a farm outside of Philadelphia. This led to other land acquisitions, primarily in Pennsylvania, the subdivision of these other assets, and eventually the design and development of Jericho National Golf Club, Inc. Together with his wife of 60 years, Athena Dikegoros Karabots, whose parents emigrated from the Macedonian village of Rhodohorion, he established the Karabots Foundation, Inc.

The foundation specializes in expanding opportunities for young people in inner city or otherwise underserved communities. Both have attracted youth from around the country. Nicholas and Athena Karabots have also supported the University of Pennsylvania and currently the University of Arizona in their archaeological excavations on Mount Lykaion in Arcadia, Greece.

He and his wife live in Pennsylvania and have three daughters and 10 grandchildren. Michael D. Capellas, 62, is a plus year veteran of the information technology industry, founded Atlanta-based Capellas Strategic Partners, a strategic technology advisory firm, in The company was formed by tech giant Cisco and EMC Corporation with investments from VMware and Intel, offering technology products and solutions for cloud-based computing. He serves on the board of Cisco, a multinational corporation networking and communications technology and services company.

He had joined WorldCom, which was in bankruptcy, to help it overcome a massive accounting scandal. In , First Data spun off from American Express. It handles e-commerce processing services, including merchant and bank transactions, credit, retail and debit card issuing and processing. It also provides money orders and paper check processing. After the war, the elder Capellas met and married his wife, Juliet, in Italy.

He worked there for 30 years. Capellas developed an interest in computers as an undergraduate at Kent State University. Shortly after he graduated, he met his wife, Marie Angelillo, a former nurse. He was a senior vice president of Oracle Corporation from to Capellas and his wife have two daughters. He enjoys golf and rock and roll. He is also actively involved in community and charitable work.

Capellas previously served as a member of the American University Board of Trustees, and is recognized as a global thought leader in the technology industry. He recently served as co-chair of the CLOUD Commission, including specialists who offered the Obama Administration recommendations on cloud computing policies. Michael Kalogris, 63, cofounded Arete Capital Partners, a private investment company, in Arete, where he is Managing Partner, functions as an operating partner of the New York based equity firm Catalyst Investors.

Kalogris was chairman and CEO of SunCom Wireless, a wireless carrier which had operated in the southeastern United States since , and in parts of the Caribbean since He still lives in Pennsylvania with his Elizabeth, his wife of many years and high school sweetheart , with whom he has two children. Kalogris had no equity in Metrophone, so he left to build Horizon to operate mostly in suburban Pennsylvania and Washington, DC. This only made him determined to get more of the action, so he found backers in J.

That and junk bond proceeds built his system, and he has never looked back.

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In , Kalogris participated in a panel to evaluate innovations by budding business entrepreneur students of Millersville University in Central Pennsylvania. Sotirios J. Vahaviolos, who is 70 years old, is Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Mistras Group, a global provider of technology-enabled asset protection solutions used to evaluate the structural integrity, safety and efficiency of critical, industrial and public infrastructure. With more than offices and 5, employees in 16 countries, Mistras Group provides the majority of their services to clients on a regular, recurring outsourced basis.

It monitors daily such historic bridges as the Ben Franklin bridge in Philadelphia, PA, the Severn bridge connecting England and Wales, the Bay Bridge in San Francisco, SC, platforms and oil rigs in places such as the North Sea, US-based nuclear power plants, and other industrial plant facilities in countries all over the world, through the help of online monitoring technologies based on satellites and other links.

International clients are in the fields of oil and gas, fossil and nuclear power, public infrastructure, chemicals, aerospace and defense, transportation, primary metals and metalworking, pharmaceuticals and food processing. Among them are American Electric Power Inc. The Mistras Group combines industry-leading products and technologies, expertise in mechanical integrity MI and non-destructive testing NDT services and proprietary data analysis software to offer customized solutions, ranging from routine inspections to complex, plant-wide asset integrity assessments and management.

The company works to extend the useful life of their assets, increase productivity, minimize repair costs, comply with governmental safety and environmental regulations, manage risk and avoid catastrophic disasters. Vahaviolos, who was born in the Peloponnese, as a child ripped apart electrical machinery and rebuilt it for fun — as well as for better safety in the newly electrified village. When Vahaviolos joined the company in the s, he worked out computerized solutions to the long-standing problem of how to filter out irrelevant background noise during acoustic-emission testing, thus making the technology useable to detect in real time imperfections, cracks, and growing corrosion in materials and structures.

Vahaviolos has written over technical papers and three books, amassed numerous patents and many honors and awards over the years, and belongs to various professional and scientific organizations. NDT is the testing of materials without interfering with their make-up and encompasses a broad range of scientific disciplines. Mistras reported strong sales and earnings to close After expressing some disappointment with results in North America in , Vahaviolos sold 81, shares of Mistras stock in early , Daily Quint reported.

James Bidzos, 61, is another Greek-American who prospered in the technological revolution ear. Bidzos served as its first CEO from to Bidzos returned to the CEO job in Born in Greece, Bidzos he came to the United States as a boy. His father worked as a barber, and his mother managed a restaurant.

A former computer programmer, he is credited with foreseeing the need for online security in the early s. Bidzos is an Internet and security industry pioneer, whose accomplishments include building RSA Security, an Internet identity and access management solution provider, into the early standard-bearer for authentication and encryption, and launching Verisign as a spin-off in to develop the digital certificate infrastructure for Internet commerce. The Mountainview, CA-based Verisign now moved to Reston, VA offered a variety of Internet and communications-related services in its global affiliate network.

Federal government. Since , the company has been focusing on its core business and whittling away less profitable side efforts. Verisign focuses now on its Internet infrastructure services. In June , he joined the board of digital security start-up BitGo. The company produces a digital wallet designed to tackle theft of bitcoin, a form of digital currency invented in He joined Verisign in July as one of its first employees.

Sclavos led the company through a decade of robust growth and technological innovation. A San Francisco native, Sclavos still lives in California with his wife, Jody, and their two children. His investments include co-owning upscale Greek restaurant Dio Deka. He enjoys playing basketball. Last June, Sclavos was among those featured in the news regarding bitcoin, for his role as a Board Member of bitcoin company BitGo. In early , thescoresports. KPS acquires non-core, underperforming or distress underperforming manufacturing and industrial companies and makes the business better by implementing operations-driven turnaround strategies.

KPS has completed over 60 turnaround investments that resulted in saving over 40, premium industrial and manufacturing jobs worldwide.

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Weir owned the mill. In , union steelworkers voted to purchase the company with the help of investment banker Eugene Keilin, renaming it Weirton Steel. The buyout saved the town, and inspired Psaros to think about how management and labor could work together to revitalize the flagging manufacturing industry in America. During the s he worked for Keilin, who by then had created his own firm with a colleague. Andrew the Apostle, where he serves on its National Council.

Psaros and his wife, Robin, are benefactors of the St. Senate in The film has been viewed in over 20 countries by tens of thousands of the faithful. Stavropoulos, 77, moved into a different direction: he is president and founder of minor league baseball team the Great Lakes Loons.

Stavropoulos was a director at Tyco International Limited from to A major diversified, multinational company, Tyco is a leading provider of security products and services, fire protection and detection products and services, valves and controls, and other industrial products. He retired at the end of Prior to joining Tyco, Stavropoulos spent 39 years at Dow. In addition to leading the company, he held various positions in research, marketing, and general management.

He also served in a variety of research and business positions in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics. He was then elected a senior vice president of Dow in May , and became chief operating officer in Stavropoulos holds a bachelor of science degree in pharmaceutical chemistry from Fordham University and a doctorate in medicinal chemistry from the University of Washington.

Stavropoulos is non-executive chairman of Univar, the largest chemical distributor in the United States. In , he received the title of Archon of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

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Stavropoulos and his wife, Linda, have two children, Bill and Angela, and several grandchildren. Brothers Christopher J. Today the privately owned Pappas Restaurants, Inc. Pappas Restaurants grew from the work of their father, Jim, and his brothers at Pappas Refrigeration, which they opened in Pappas Restaurants also has a food catering business. Harris Pappas was its chief operating officer until his retirement in , but he still serves on the executive committee. He and his wife, Maria, have been married 30 years and have five children.

Army, serving one year in Thailand and one year in Vietnam, earning two Bronze Stars and three Army Commendation medals.

Massachusetts imposes four-month ban on vaping product sales as mystery illness spreads

He is a member of the board of directors of Oceaneering International, Inc. He is a founder of the Hellenic Foundation, which endeavors to raise scholarship money for seminary students attending Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology. An avid boater and fisherman, he and his wife, Vicky Marinos Pappas, have six children and two grandchildren.

His four sons followed his lead with endeavors including opening Pappas Bar-B-Q. The Pappas Brothers often help nonprofit groups and churches renovate their kitchens. Highly involved in the Annunciation Cathedral of Houston, both brothers were granted the title of Archon of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in The work that TSU does enriches not only the lives of the students on their campus, but also the entire Houston community.

As native Houstonians, we strongly believe in supporting higher education in our hometown, and we are excited that our contribution will provide a place for students to live, study and support one another while pursuing a college degree. The iconic face of millennial sitcoms and one of the best-known personalities in Hollywood, Jennifer Aniston, 48, lived in Crete and Athens during part of her childhood as Jennifer Anastassakis. Her parents divorced when she was 9, and she was raised by her mother, Nancy Dow. It was a division of Fiorello H.

She appeared in various off-Broadway productions, television series and films, until when Friends came along.

Besides her lucrative acting career, Aniston is in demand as a spokeswoman for brands such as Aveeno and Vitamin Water. The actress has also been a producer in recent years. She divorced from superstar actor Brad Pitt seven years ago, but remains magazine-cover gold. Aniston, primarily but not exclusively known for her humor, is quite serious when it comes to various causes.

In a heated piece in the Huffington Post this past summer, she wrote: For the record, I am not pregnant. What I am is fed up. Sampras, nonetheless, remains the only man to be ranked number one in the world by the Association of Tennis Professionals ATP six consecutive years, and is best remembered for his epic battles with fellow American Andre Agassi.

Born in Potomac, MD to an American-born father of Greek descent and a mother born in Sparta, Sampras from age three showed an unusually gifted athletic ability. In , Sampras turned professional just before his 17th birthday, and began the year ranked number in the world, and before the year was over, he climbed up the rankings with lightning speed, finishing at Open, two at the Australian Open, and one at the French Open. Sampras captured his one and only French title in — the clay court tournament was the last on his list of completing the grand slam cycle, having won his first Wimbledon, U.

Sampras now plays exhibition tennis to raise money for charities, such as earthquake victims. Though typically shy and soft-spoken, Sampras has strong opinions on athletes using illegal performance-enhancing substances. John Varvatos, 51, was born in Detroit, but his roots are from the Greek island of Kefalonia. That innovation propelled Varvatos to the top-tier of the design industry, as boxer briefs were highly touted as one of the greatest apparel revolutions of the 20th century. Varvatos attributes his early interest in fashion with his love for rock and roll, observing the fashion statements of various rock musicians, from Alice Cooper to Green Day.

However, the board re-evaluates its non-endorsement policy through an independent process during each four-year election cycle, with any decision to circumvent the policy based on a consensus vote in which fewer than two of the editorial board's members dissent or hold differing opinions. The editorial board broke from this stance for the first time on September 29, , when it published an op-ed piece condemning the candidacy of Republican nominee Donald Trump , calling him "unfit for the presidency" due to his inflammatory campaign rhetoric particularly that aimed at military veterans, immigrants, and various ethnic and religious groups ; his temperament and lack of financial transparency; his "checkered" business record; his use of false and hyperbolic statements; the inconsistency of his viewpoints and issues with his vision on domestic and foreign policy; and, based on comments he has made during his campaign and criticisms by both Democrats and Republicans on these views, the potential risks to national security and constitutional ethics under a Trump administration, asking voters to "resist the siren song of a dangerous demagogue".

In July , Kramer hired David Callaway — whom the former had hired as lead editor of MarketWatch in , two years after Kramer founded the website — as the paper's editor-in-chief. Callaway had previously worked at Bloomberg covering the banking, investment-banking and asset-management businesses throughout Europe and at the Boston Herald , where he co-wrote a daily financial column on "comings and goings in the Boston business district". The current Editor-in-Chief is Nicole Carroll. USA Weekend is a defunct sister publication that launched in as Family Weekly , a national weekend newsmagazine supplement intended for the Sunday editions of various U.

It was first published on April 5, as USA Today Baseball Weekly , a tabloid -sized baseball-focused publication released on Wednesdays, on a weekly basis during the baseball season and bi-weekly during the off-season; the magazine expanded its sports coverage on September 4, , when it adopted its current title after added stories about the NFL. The editorial operations of Sports Weekly originally operated autonomously from USA Today , before being integrated with the newspaper's sports department in late The Big Lead is a sports blog operated by USA Today that was launched in February by original owner Fantasy Sports Ventures co-founded by Jason McIntyre and David Lessa , which was purchased by the Gannett Company — which, beginning in April , had maintained a strategic content and marketing partnership with the former company — in January Eastern Time — mainly covers sports, but also provides news and commentary on other news topics, ranging from politics to pop culture.

In , Gannett and producer Grant Tinker began developing a newsmagazine series for first-run syndication that attempted to bring the breezy style of USA Today to television. As with the newspaper itself, the show was divided into four "sections" corresponding to the different parts of the paper: News focusing on the major headlines of the day , Money focusing on financial news and consumer reports , Sports focusing on sports news and scores and Life focusing on entertainment and lifestyle-related stories.

The series was plagued by low ratings and negative reviews from critics throughout its run. Gannett announced plans to develop a USA Today -branded weekly half-hour television program, to have been titled Sports Page , as part of a renewed initiative to extend the brand into television; this program, which was tapped for a fall debut, ultimately never launched.

The program, which is available on the USA Today mobile app and on YouTube which maintains content exclusivity through the program's dedicated channel for 60 days after each broadcast , showcases three original segments outlining news stories through a first-person perspective, recorded and produced by journalists from USA Today and its co-owned local newspapers. The program also incorporates "cubemercials," long-form advertisements created by Gannett's in-house creative studio GET Creative, which are designed to allow consumer engagenent in fully immersive experiences through virtual reality.

As a tribute to the movie, the newspaper ran a recreation of the front page, featuring the exact headlines portrayed in the movie, on October 22, , when the protagonist Marty McFly played by Michael J.

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Fox travels to October 21, and reads the following day's edition of the paper. News Dallas Morning News. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the newspaper. For the education monthly, see USA Today magazine. Media of the United States List of newspapers. Main article: USA Weekend. Main article: The Big Lead. Virginia portal Journalism portal. USA Today. Gannett Company. Retrieved June 9, Retrieved December 18, University of Michigan Library.

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