11 november horoscope virgo

Jupiter, the planet of growth, enters Sagittarius on November 8, bringing big blessings to the home and family sector of your chart.

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This is a busy month on the relationship front: Action planet Mars enters your opposite sign Pisces on November 15, igniting the relationship sector of your chart—expect plenty of movement to take place in your partnerships! Also this month, Neptune will shift directions, ending its retrograde on November 24 in Pisces, again shifting the energy in your relationships—deep, heart-to-heart connections are formed.

Keep things loose—your ruling planet Mercury will retrograde in Sagittarius starting on November 16, finding you contending with miscommunications and delays, as well as running into people from your past and managing issues in your home and with your family.

Virgo daily horoscope 11 November 2018

You'll just need to resist trying to organize your relationships the same way you organize the rest of your life. Circle November 11 as a date to expect big passion, as the sun in sexy Scorpio will connect with Pluto, the planet of depth—a fantastic time for dirty talk, sharing secrets, or, on a different note, to create some art. Venus retrograde ends on November 16 the same day Mercury retrograde begins!

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  • After 13 months in Scorpio, Jupiter the planet of expansion is finally ready to move forward. Jupiter shifts into Sagittarius on Thursday, November 8 , moving into your domestic sector.

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    For the next year, lucky Jupiter will be serving up a ton of favors in your home and family life. It takes 12 years for Jupiter to complete its orbit, and the last time it occupied this region was in Think back to this time: What was occurring in your life? Similar themes may be coming back into the fold, especially if moving was part of the plot line.

    Scorpio traits

    On Friday, November 16 , sensual Venus and chatty Mercury pull a fast one. Just as Venus concludes its retrograde, Mercury begins its own reverse rotation. You can easily visualize your health conditions with the help of your psychic vision at this point of time.

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    Make a note of what ever comes to your mind. Cancel out what seems to be irrelevant and prioritize the relevant steps you must take for achieving a perfect state of health. Try to consume a healthy diet consisting of fresh produce. People may approach you for sympathy and you may mistakenly consider it as an attempt to get your attention!

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    For those who are already in relationships will feel deeply to spend some quality time with their beloved. You want to be alone with them and exchange thoughts with them in a silent communication.

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