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Overall gain, expansion and growth in the U. New alliances, contracts and trade agreements are made between the U. Significant changes in the structure of the public schools and the larger educational system manifest. New curriculums and teaching methods are introduced. Several colleges either go bankrupt and dissolve or merge with stronger institutions of higher learning.

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Protests against the old status quo policies grow in numbers. Possible change to the Constitution or a new Amendment is added. Change in the membership of the Supreme Court is likely, with the loss of at least one Supreme Court Justice currently on the bench.

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Much higher propensity for major windstorms, flooding, excessive rainfall, hurricanes and tornados. The summer of is of particular concern for a massive hurricane. Rapid advances in molecular genetics, biotechnology and medical research yielding innovative treatments, diagnostic methods, new medical and surgical procedures and techniques flourish. Alternative healing methods advance and gain in popularity, becoming more widely accepted and becoming more mainstream. Self-driving cars, artificial intelligence efforts and advances in technology continue to grow rapidly during this period.

Controversy surrounding religious beliefs, religious institutions and religious freedom grow.

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There is likely to be a major scandal involving a religious leader and the downfall of that organization. Growth and expansion of vehicle sales and increased air travel routes are anticipated in the U. This will yield more spending, growth and infrastructure expansion in the country.

Excessive debt years of overspending will likely be the source of the problem and it will influence the entire economic spectrum at that time. The U.

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Jupiter transiting through Capricorn promotes a much more conservative attitude toward spending and allocation of resources. Notice that the 3rd house has 8th house qualities since it is eight houses away from the 8th house itself. All of the above indicates that Rahu mahadasha brings substantial transformation in the country as a whole, putting great emphasis on 8th house indications. Some of these prominent changes are strongly directed at health care delivery, medicine and healing modalities in particular since both Ashlesha and Shatabhisha are intimately associated with traditional medicine and alternative healing methods.

Rahu itself is an indicator of separation, breaking through social convention, indicating areas of restlessness, dissatisfaction with the status quo, intense focus, creating turmoil, taking risks and seeking excitement, going into situations where a person does not belong, and taking extreme positions. When Rahu is activated, it becomes a driving force in the psyche. It is an area seen in the horoscope that is hard to control or fully understand, without clear, focused awareness.

However, once Rahu is understood, it is possible to harness that energy and direct it with intelligence to promote more beneficial outcomes and experiences along the way. So, while the U. Note that the 8th house also governs taxes, insurance, inheritance, banks, and borrowing money, so these areas are up for change in the U. We are in the midst of a massive overall of the U. The 8th house placement of Rahu also refers to privacy issues and secrecy. Another area involving the 8th house involves death and dying, and longevity.

Changes in perception about death, allowing euthanasia for terminal illness patients, expansion of hospice and how the country perceives and deals with terminal illness are also prominent during Rahu dasha.

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Legal policies may change in this regard as the dasha progresses. It moves the hidden and private concerns out into the open to deal with in the larger society. The 8th house itself governs research into all hidden areas. These domains are up for great change and further advancement due to the 8th house placement of Rahu.

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Innovative medical diagnostics, surgical procedures, transplants and techniques will grow, change and improve enormously over the next 18 years. Rahu is the planet associated with this specific nakshatra as well. Just as the country moved into Rahu mahadasha, the exponential increase in opioid addiction has turned into a serious national crisis. Prior to the Rahu dasha, this problem existed in the shadows, but it grew substantially and became a public focal point for the country to acknowledge and work to resolve once the U.

The 3rd house placement of the Moon dispositing planet for Rahu in Cancer highlights the changes that will come in both the communications sector and involving transportation modalities. Not only is the self-driving car now legitimate and in development, but all forms of technology and artificial intelligence will expand and grow in leaps and bounds during the 18 years of Rahu.

It brings the combination of new technologies with transportation and the desire to change the status quo in this area. There are likely going to be new modes of transportation that arise during this period, or least significant changes will manifest involving vehicles, airplanes and ships over the entire 18 years.

Space travel opportunities will continue to expand as well. What seemed inconceivable a few years ago will become the new normal. This volatile, uncertain tendency will manifest in many areas.

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This is where intelligence, slowing down decisions and considering the impact of words and actions becomes paramount for the country to thrive in the long run. Otherwise, decisions and actions based purely on impulse, excitement and the unconventional will get the country into deeper problems down the road. Such in the nature of Rahu. The silence period, when campaigning in poll-going areas is barred, begins Tuesday evening. Electronic and print media is advised not to publish or publicise any article or programme related to the dissemination of results of exit polls during the prohibited period, said EC.

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