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It is believed that Zircon gems is beneficial for wearer wealth, wisdom and also give love and happiness. It is also consider for wearer to maintain shine of gem because if it fades its power shows negative effect. Zircon is a must stone for engineers, actors, dramatists, artists, Government officials, politicians, diplomats, merchants and aspirant to fame, stock brokers, dealers of cloth, cotton paper and flowers.

Creative people looking for fame and good health are also suggested to wear Zircon gemstone. Toggle navigation Menu. Wearing a Zircon: provide the wearer wisdom and honor. It strengthens will power, grant success, good health and also wealth. Diseases cured Heart diseases, eye inflammation, low or high blood pressure. Ruby Gemstone increases vitality of the body and built immune power of the body system.

It has positive effect on heart and it reduces the chances of back pain, eye trouble, and fire accident, gastric and peptic ulcer. Method of wearing Zircon: You can wear on the ring of silver or 5 rings of metals. To obtain the full benefic effects of the stone, wear it when Moon is within a specific constellation on a specified day and time. It should be worn in the middle finger on every Friday or Saturday.


Top Quality Flawless White Zircon from Sri Lanka that is free from heat treatment and any enhancement such as radiation. Want to know what makes planetary gems special, well, use this video as a reference point and see why these Gemstones are special and deliver those special results.

We await your testimonials once you have experienced the power of Venus. Semi precious stones? Wondering what are these, A frequent question that I often see addressed to Gemstoneuniverse and also the one that has been asked to me countless times : Do Upratnas or Semi-Precious Stones Work?

Rashi Ratna (राशि रत्न)

If they do, how effective are they? Can they be considered equally effective as the Navaratanas? Before we dwell into answers of the above questions we should be very clear about what exactly is an Upratna or Uparatana? I frankly do not like calling a Gemstones Semi- precious, though some do, purely from the point of view of convenience. The important thing here being- Gem Quality and Jyotish Quality. Even though Indian sacred texts list the use of 84 such semi precious Gemstones, my attempt here is to share information about those substitute gemstones that deliver the best results.

This is based on experience and statistical results of many years. The Nine Primary planetary Gemstones prescribed in the Shastras sacred texts are called the Navratnas literally translated means nine gems. These are listed below:. Well, it is relevant to our discussion. All these Navratanas have to be gem quality and Jyotish quality to deliver planetary results. Please make note that in the Shastras the term Semi-Precious or allusion to a category indicating monetary value does NOT exist.

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Listed in the sacred texts are Upratnas — Superior Substitute Gemstones to be used in lieu of the 9 primary precious Gemstones for getting planetary energies and benefits. And this is what is exactly meant by Upratnas. In the Indian sacred texts 84 Upratana s have been mentioned.

Who Should Wear White Zircon Stone?

Each of them is used for achievement of an objective or a desire, for resolution for a medical condition, for wealth, for attracting the right partner and for different planets. Here I shall mention those, which are the best Uparatna s for the nine planetary gemstones.

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It should not be confused with abundantly available and much lesser priced Citrine, which does NOT give results as a Yellow Sapphire alternative. It is often mistakenly called as Jerkin, Zarcan by ill-informed individuals.

Ratna Jyoti: Benefits of Zircon -Baikrantamoni

What we have here is a list of 14 gemstones out of 84 choices. These are the best alternatives and deliver results that are satisfactory. I have mentioned only those, which I have noticed delivering quantifiable results first hand. White Zircon is the astrological gemstone for venus and is used in place of diamond. White Zircon benefits those having Taurus ascendant and Libra Moon signs.

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Here we are discussing the top benefits of wearing white zircon gemstone. The quality mostly advisable is the top quality of Zircon gemstone as an alternative to diamond gemstone as a planetary stone. Buy Zircon Gemstone Online. Get Free Consultation.

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