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Scorpio | October 9th, 12222

Attend a gathering of friends tonight, as they'll be a captive audience for all you want to share. If you dress in blue, they're sure to hang on your every word! SUNDAY: Wear white to cut through the clutter that has grown up around you, whether it be physical, mental or emotional.

Clearing out the old will make room for new ideas to flow in, and with them, new opportunities. Journaling can help you determine which perceptions of an emotional situation are off base and which are solid. Social activities could connect you with someone from your past under the fortuitous Sagittarius Moon.

SUNDAY: Others will tend to hear what they want to today, so even speaking in a clear and direct manner will get you nowhere. Keep a close eye on how you are expressing yourself as the Moon travels through your sign. Loved ones could be grouchy, you'll have to practice patience and flexibility until they recover their balance. Wear white to maintain a neutral stance throughout the day and well into the evening. SUNDAY: The information that comes your way today will clear away lingering doubts and confirm that you're headed in the right direction, which will empower you to make decisions with confidence.

Wear earth tones to remain grounded and agile, as you'll be more physically active than usual under the Sagittarius Moon. A heart-to-heart talk will help resolve conflicts with a dear friend and bring the relationship back into balance this evening.

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SUNDAY: You'll face the tasks in front of you with determination and commitment under today's Sagittarius Moon, and accomplish double what you had intended. Offer practical advice when you find yourself dealing with a friend who is prone to hysteria or emotionalism. Keep a close eye on your spending today, because once you start, it will be next to impossible to stop! More on Aol. Chris Jackson via Getty Images.

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