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The Ascendant in Libra has the Descendant in Aries — You are an ardent partner and sex life is very important, so it is good to find a partner to be compatible with. You tend to rush into marriage and be attracted to partners who will dominate you, and often the choice is not inspired, so conflicts can quickly arise in the couple. Think well before acting, especially when it comes to marriage.

The Aries descendant is ruled by MARS , so it counts where this planet is placed in the natal chart, and what kind of aspects it forms with the other planets. Ascendant in Scorpio has Descendant in Taurus — The desire for affection, love and harmony is great but you know very well what you want from your partner and you tend to balance your partner when it comes to life in two. There should make money together with your partner, to make a successful business together. The Descendant in Taurus is ruled by VENUS , so it matters where this planet is placed in the natal chart and what kind of aspects it forms with the other planets.

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Ascendant in Sagittarius has Descendant in Gemini — You may have more marriages because you will get bored quickly. You need a life partner to incite you, intellectually and in every aspect of life in two. In order not to interfere with monotony you can get involved in projects that will put your curiosity and attraction to diversity at work. Ascendant in Capricorn has Descendant in Cancer — Often the purpose of your life is to have a happy family life, safety and comfort. You are very serious when it comes to marriage and you are very careful in choosing your life partner.

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Try to create a balance between emotions and reason, so to not overwhelm the emotions that often affect your life. You are very creative and have a tremendous potential for development, so try to use your energy in practical projects that will make you happy. The Descendant in Cancer is ruled by the MOON , so it matters where it is placed in the natal chart and what kind of aspects it forms with the other planets.

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Ascendant in Aquarius has the Descendant in Leo — You are born to share love and affection, but that does not mean you do not have a practical approach to choosing your life partner. It is not excluded to have your own business, being naturally a boss, and the partner is the one who will support and promote you. The Leo descendant is ruled by the SUN , that is why it counts where it is placed in the natal chart and what kind of aspects it forms with the other planets.

Ascendant in Pisces has the Descendant in Virgo — You are very formalist and critical in any aspect of life, including in choosing your life partner. Once this person sets deserved satisfaction on the top of their priority ladder, things will become easier and ties to other people will fade while a healthy relationship with their own life, decisions, and choices becomes imperative.

Until then, jealousy and possessive relationships are inevitable, while happiness becomes this distant light seen from the underground ruled by Scorpio.


With Sagittarius, there is always a philosophy that leads to certain events and this position will simply materialize convictions. In the practical sense, we can understand this best through an example of a person who lives convinced that all people of opposite sex are not to be trusted. This specific conviction will lead to relationships that will prove them right, and one will be disappointed again and again, proving the image projected to the outer world in cycles.

To move from repetitive choices, the person needs to learn and widen their perspective until they realize what sort of inner change can lead to a more satisfying environment. Every hurt will reflect in the inability to form a close relationship, and memories tend to distract a person from building a future they wish for. Aquarius is a sign that speaks of divorce and separation, as well as all oppositions that are combined in perfect harmony in nature around us. When the system is balanced and a person has an equal perception of their Self and others, this is a liberating sign that will bring a lot of excitement, joy, and constant surprises, while emotions tend to spark every now and then, creating fireworks in their love life.

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This is much less a challenge of honesty towards others, but rather a challenge of honesty towards oneself. Closeness has to come from the deepest core of the heart, and with a strongly set Moon, this is the seventh house that fills everyone around this person with excitement and beauty. When the seventh house begins in Pisces, matters of trust are of outmost importance for any healthy relationships a person might have.

Beliefs will create destiny, while there is often some sort of mission one has to fulfill in order to find satisfaction and happiness.

The Sons of Jacob and Sacred Astrology: Manasseh (Sagittarius) and Ephraim (Taurus)

In many cases this is a position that speaks of betrayal and strange partners, intimate bonds with people who are talented and artistic but also unstable, lost, far away, psychologically challenged or turned to substance abuse of some kind. Dependencies are almost inevitable here until one learns about ways to believe in their own abilities and believe in others in the right way and with clearly set boundaries.

There is magic to this position and the greatest potential for a fairytale ending is hidden here, if only there is enough faith and devotion to reach this destination. The sense of protection found in our relationship with food affects us on numerous levels, and Venus and Jupiter will protect us from pain in any way possible.

In the eyes of current positioning of Mars in Cancer, we are to see how the energy can be brought to life and transformed into its most potent state. Zodiac Signs. Language Selection:.